It’s been, what?, only 6 weeks or so since Avengers: Endgame came out, right? Shortly before the release of the movie, when I was basically watching Infinity War every night, Chris Hemsworth became my Best Chris. I’m a fickle person, so I expected it to be over by now, but he’s just so f-cking hot right now, with his hair short and his clothes look great on him and he seems like he’s having a great time with Tessa Thompson promoting MIB: International, and there’s this new video of him, with Tom Holland, both of them promoting their respective movies (Spider-Man: Far From Home for Tom), and I guess I’m still on an Avengers high. 


No but seriously, he’s just so f-cking hot. Like in a primitive way. Like I don’t think I even want to be attracted to him, in that weird shirt that looks like it has sweat stains all over it, and my DNA is like…nope, this is how your body has been programmed, too bad. 

For those of you who are into another Chris, as in Pine, here he is, still wearing his 90s Titanic hair, remembering Anton Yelchin the other night at a Star Trek anniversary event that also featured the trailer premiere of the Love, Antosha. The documentary of the late actor features appearances by Kristen Stewart, Willem Dafoe, JJ Abrams, and more – and Chris Pine too. They worked together on Star Trek, of course, and of their relationship and the film, Chris said that night that

“Obviously we’re here for Anton; he was one of my dear friends and I felt like I was only getting a chance to know him a better one when he passed. The film is incredible and I think it’ll show you all different sides of the guy that I knew — this curious, fascinating, complex, strange little dude.” He added, “I think it’s a great legacy for whom I had a tremendous amount of respect and for this courageous young man who just had zero fear and boundless, endless positivity and, an energy for life.”

A trailer for Love, Antosha was released this week and the film comes out August 2.