I’m ambivalent about the Sex and the City revival. I know there are people out there who are not – and that’s great. We don’t all have to agree. Since I don’t really care all that much, I don’t really have too many feelings about the news that Big and Steve won’t be back. Apparently Chris Noth and David Eigenberg will not be signing onto the new series. Maybe they took Samantha’s side. Or maybe in the new series, it’s not so much about the “sex” as it is the “city”? (Dlisted) 


This cat vs dog video is amazing. Not just the attack itself but the buildup. And the dog’s ears – they’re permanently fanned out, like he’s in perpetual flight! I love them! As expected, the ear is exactly what the cat goes for. WHYYYYY do I love this so much? I’ve watched it like eight times! (Pajiba) 

Ella Emhoff, step-daughter of Madam Vice President Kamala Harris, signed with IMG shortly after the fashion show known as the American inauguration of 2021. Already she’s in her first show and she definitely has the look. Check her out modelling for Proenza Schouler. I’m not paying attention to the clothes though because her hair – I don’t love it for me, because I couldn’t pull it off; but she is working it like Elizabeth Jennings. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Remember Miles Teller? He covers the new issue of Men’s Health, presumably as advance promotion for Top Gun: Maverick although it remains to be seen if the movie will retain its summer release date. It’s been a lot quieter for Miles the last couple of years. For a while there, he had that Ansel Elgort vibe. And he’s kept a low profile since. Which in the long run, I think, will be a smart move. (Cele|bitchy) 

I love eggs. I try to eat eggs every day. I did when we were working in the office but at home, it hasn’t always worked out that way but if there is an opportunity for eggs, I’m taking the eggs. In addition to eggs, I am also super into high school content. So this eggs + high school quiz is perfect. Based on egg choices, you get sorted into a high school group. How the f-ck did I end up with the goths? I am not a goth. For one thing, I’m not sure goths want anything to do with high school and I can never resist a high school story?! (Buzzfeed)