This should be an official ranking. The Top Chris leaderboard fluctuates regularly, based on who is doing what on any given day. For instance, this week, Worst Chris is Evans, because I realized he made like 90 Marvel movies and only took his shirt off once, and his near-constant shirtlessness in The Red Sea Diving Resort is not making up for it. Best Chris of the Week goes to Pine, who is one for one in taking his shirt off in superhero movies, yet also has the gravitas to play one of America’s most beloved newsmen. It’s been announced that Chris Pine will play Walter Cronkite in a movie called Newsflash, about the day JFK was assassinated and Cronkite talked a nation through their grief and confusion. Mark Ruffalo will co-star as Cronkite’s producer.

The reference point given for Newsflash is The Social Network, a movie about a significant cultural shift. I’m a little surprised the pull isn’t Good Night and Good Luck, which is another movie about a beloved newsman who talked the nation through a difficult political era. But I guess that’s some old sh-t, and the producers of Newsflash want to seem like they’re making a cool, hip movie about the news—how do you do, fellow kids, and all that. I am actually interested in this topic, because Cronkite’s broadcasting that day is legendary. JFK’s assassination is one of those “everyone remembers where they were” events, and for a lot of people, that involves listening to Cronkite’s updates. It’s also a good look for Pine, who is now balancing his Wonder Woman work with prestige dramas. For this and for his inevitable Newsflash Oscar campaign, he is Best Chris of the Week.