This for all of you who have Chris Pine as your Best Chris, if that’s even a thing anymore. I mean, I think it was in February before we all went into lockdown when The Cut proposed that Chris Messina join the Chris Battle and be the new #1 because Birds of Prey had just come out.

I’m not sure if that made a difference to any of you who are diehard for Pine but here he is, out for a bike ride with Annabelle Wallis yesterday with their matching-ish bandanas. We’ve known for a weeks now that they’re spending this time together – and we’ve known for a couple of years now that they’re together, that it’s serious, and more serious I guess than ever since physically distancing together is a whole new level of commitment, unless you’re Leonardo DiCaprio.


Chris Pine’s next movie release was supposed to be Wonder Woman 1984, initially due in June and now moved to August. Gal Gadot did some early press to promote the movie and you’d think that Chris would have been scheduled for some of that too, and I’m curious if any of that has been shelved, or if there’s going to be a magazine profile coming out soon, maybe like GQ or equivalent. 

Chris is the only one of the original Chrises (before Messina) to not be on social media, right? Evans, Hemsworth, and Pratt are on either Twitter or Instagram or both but, as far as know, Pine has no public social media presence. Annabelle’s on IG but there’s never been much about him on her account. You think he’ll join for WW84? Or will he continue to abstain?