The Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves press tour is underway, here’s Chris Pine and the rest of the cast at the London premiere last night. It defies logic how well Pine works that contrasting yellow tie/shirt combo, but then, standard fashion rules have never applied to Chris Pine. He can wear anything and make it look great. Does that make him the male Zendaya?


Hugh Grant was also at the premiere. The last we saw of Hugh, he was being rude to Ashley Graham on the Oscars’ beige carpet.


You know what I was thinking about after that? How just a few years ago, we were enjoying Hugh Grant’s Curmudgeon Era. What changed? It might be that this time, his grump wasn’t aimed at himself, but Ashley Graham, who was just doing her job. A case can be made that she wasn’t particularly prepared to interview him—which responsibility falls on her producer, too—but also, everyone knows the Oscars is fluff, and there is an expectation that everyone will embrace the fluff and roll with it. 


It’s one thing for Hugh to be crusty about his own history and reputation in an interview, but something else entirely to be crusty toward another person just doing their job. Now I wonder, though, if people will forgive Hugh his Oscars grump and once again embrace him as a beloved celebrity crank. 

Here's the latest trailer for D&D. Claiming “best movie of the year”? During John Wick’s opening week? Bold.