Every time we’ve seen Chris Pine over the last little he’s been heavy on facial hair – which he joked about on the All The Old Knives red carpet a couple of weeks ago, saying he was just too lazy to deal with it. Well, he’s now dealt with it. Chris was at the Producers Guild Awards this past weekend as a presenter and there has been a trim. Looks way better. Really, really good in fact. 


But what’s helping with that is that the trim only happened with the beard and not the hair. Because the hair, at this length, is excellent. So excellent that his hairstylist, David Cox, had to show it off too: 


I get it. This is solid work. And David is working with a good length. He should keep it like this, exactly like this, for a while. I especially like it when it falls a bit loose and edges towards his eye on the right side.

Chris Pine speaks onstage during the 33rd Annual Producers Guild Awards at Fairmont Century Plaza on March 19, 2022 in Los Angeles, California

This might be the most attracted I’ve ever been to Chris Pine because of the hair and… the mesh undershirt. A high degree of difficulty, a mesh shirt. Especially at a stuffy event like the PGAs. And he pulls it off! 

Also attached – Chris out for coffee yesterday.