Wonder Woman. The biggest movie of the year so far, right? Like maybe the WW box office isn’t Beauty And The Beast’s box office. And there are probably five or six other movies that have made more money so far. But if you consider that the opening weekend box office exceeded $100 million domestically and factor in other measurements of success, like critical acclaim and pop culture impact and just all-round feel good energy and publicity, can you think of another movie that’s come out this year that can match Wonder Woman, especially given the pressure that it was under to perform and not let down the side and be so many things to so many people?

Wonder Woman is 100% Patty Jenkins’s win. And Gal Gadot is pretty much set. Duana and I debated on Show Your Work this week whether or not Gal as Diana Prince will lead to other opportunities for her but, at the same time, as we mentioned, I’m not sure we can have that conversation until we figure out what Gal’s plans for Gal are. There are the Chris Evanses of the world who can’t wait to take off the cape. And there are the Hugh Jackmans of the world who will Wolverine for as long as he physically can. And the point is that it’s f-cking exciting to be talking about a woman and wondering what she’ll do with the same options.

Then…there’s Chris Pine.

For Chris Pine, this is by far the best move of his career. Yes, sure, he’s Captain Kirk in the Star Trek franchise. But let’s agree that Steve Trevor has taken him to a whole new level? We’ll come back to that in a minute. Right now, I want to remind you of something:

When they were first casting for the Steve Trevor role in Wonder Woman, remember, Scott Eastwood was given a choice: test for Steve Trevor or take a guaranteed part in Suicide Squad. We now know what he decided to do.



I’m not finished yet.


Sure, obviously, Scott Eastwood would have eventually lost out to Chris Pine anyway. But still.


Back to Chris Pine and this whole new level – Captain Kirk wasn’t doing anything for him in the Chris Wars. Wonder Woman comes out and suddenly Chris Pine’s Steve Trevor is stomping all the other Chrises. Kathleen told you yesterday that he’s always been her Top Chris and a few hours after she posted about it, Jezebel officially endorsed Chris Pine as the Top Chris of the Famous Chrises. Then…this:

Ava Duvernay is The Word.

Even though, as many of you wrote in to guess yesterday, Chris Pine used to date Audrina Patridge? OMG, I actually totally forgot about that. But no, that’s not my Crush Killer. Kathleen has asked me not to kill her crush. I will honour that request, for now. She doesn’t deserve it. And he doesn’t deserve it. Not until he complains about the lack of movies and television shows about middle class white men. Until then, let Chris Pine have his summer. And maybe his fall.

Because right now?

Chris Pine is looking real good for PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive, isn’t he? He’s meeting all the criteria.
Be prepared to hear me gloating about this if that’s what happens.

Here are Patty Jenkins, Gal Gadot, and Chris Pine surprising an audience in New York last night. Patty Jenkins looks so much like Elle Macpherson, non?