On Friday in Smutty Tingles, I wrote about my unexpectedly high expectations for Chris Pine hosting Saturday Night Live after seeing him get loose in the promo. Before that, in no world would I have imagined looking forward to Chris Pine on SNL. And then he delivered! I’ll go as far to say that it was the strongest performance of his career. Which is why I care more about Chris Pine’s career now than I ever have before. In other words, Chris Pine showed his work. Starting with the monologue – a sing and dance number mocking the fact that there are so many Chrises in the business right now and we can never tell them apart. True. And silly. And self-aware. It was exactly the right tone at the beginning, Chris Pine telling us that, well, he will sing and dance at every opportunity- and he did. He sang and danced and looked like an idiot the entire show… and nobody is holding it against him, ahem, Leonardo DiCaprio.

My favourite sketch was The Boy Is Mine with Aidy Bryant and Vanessa Bayer. Mostly because I love the song. But also because it was hilarious. And they were all having a great time. And it made no sense at all.

“Who’s it going to be, a diabetic mother of two or a childless MILF with an eye for design?”

WTF is a childless MILF? It doesn’t matter. All that matters is the way they climbed all over that desk, and the way he climbed onto it at the end with him.

You know that sketch at the end? The one with the three couples on game night and they have to guess the theme songs to TV shows? And Cecily Strong and Chris Pine are that couple? Who have to go all operatic and musical theatre with the numbers? At the risk of her never speaking to me again, that’s totally Duana.

Anyway, Chris Pine has moved up the Chris Rank. Before this weekend I had him at the bottom. Now… I think maybe #2?

Chris Hemsworth
Chris Pine
Chris Pratt
Chis Evans…?


Chris Hemsworth
Chris Pine
Chris Evans
Chris Pratt?