Here’s Chris Pine in LA yesterday on the set of One Day She’ll Darken, an upcoming 6 episode series on TNT that he’s also executive producing with Patty Jenkins who is directing at least the first two episodes. As you know, Chris and Patty worked together on Wonder Woman. So this is how they’re continuing their partnership, especially since he’s probably not going to be in Wonder Woman 2. That’s not a spoiler, is it? 

Chris has been on a hot streak for the last two or three years or so though, non? Hell Or High Water was one of the best films of 2016. He surged up the Chris List last summer with Wonder Woman. Next month it’s A Wrinkle In Time and now this, One Day She’ll Darken, based on the true story of Fauna Hodel. Do you know this story? 

George Hodel was a big time Hollywood doctor, long suspected to have been Elizabeth Short’s (the Black Dahlia) killer. He was also acquitted in an incest trial. And then …his 16 year old daughter, Tamar, gave birth to a baby girl. This is clearly not a warm and fuzzy family drama. This Is Us does not live here. The baby girl had blue eyes and white skin. But Tamar kept claiming that the father of her child was black. Her mother, unwilling to welcome a mixed-race child in the family, ended up giving the baby, Fauna, to Jimmie Lee, a black woman working in housekeeping at a casino in Nevada. Jimmie Lee and Fauna struggled. Here’s Jimmie, suddenly having to raise a white baby in a black community, and resources and opportunities were understandably scarce. When Fauna grew up, she wanted to know the circumstances around her birth. And from there, as she wrote in her book, she began to uncover all the grossness of her biological family’s past. It’s a f-cking crazy true story. And Chris Pine is part of the production team making it happen, with a diverse cast and a world class filmmaker who directed him in the most successful female superhero blockbuster of all time. 

Chris Pine has apparently been quietly and strategically showing his work. This is when Kathleen bursts into the room, steps in front of the camera and says, “I told you”.