On Sunday night, when many of us were being engulfed by dragonfire, Anna Faris and Chris Pratt announced that they’re ending their marriage through their social media accounts:

Maybe they thought that doing it during Daenerys and Drogon’s attack on the Lannisters would make their breakup more low profile than it could have been. Maybe they hadn’t considered releasing the statement on the weekend gives the tabloids enough time to rearrange their features and cover stories so that the story can be included in this week’s issues. These two don’t typically rank too high on the list of Hollywood’s most aggressive media manipulators so I’m not as suspicious of the timing and whether or not there may be any ulterior motives involved as I would be if it were anyone else. And as far as separation statements are concerned, this one is a lot more candid than the usual “we have decided to end our marriage, we respect each other, leave us alone” version we’re accustomed to seeing.

“We tried hard, and we’re really disappointed” is not a lie. And if you’ve been reading this site for at least a couple of years and you’re not, ahem, blind, you probably aren’t surprised. First things first, any suggestion that this had something to do with Jennifer Lawrence is ridiculous and amateur. It means you haven’t been paying attention. As for whether or not it has to do with fame and the fact that Chris Pratt is a box office star now, associated with two major franchises, and has grown out of his old wife and his old life and is looking for an upgrade – I mean I’m all for sh-tting on an upgrading asshole but that’s not true either.

I’m told by multiple sources, including the ones who originally riddle-sourced me, that Chris was right there with Anna, as supportive as he could have been. There’s just some sh-t you have to face alone. And there’s some sh-t that takes its toll on the strongest of marriages, over and above infidelity and the usual messes that we’re used to seeing in famous marriages.

Last night TMZ reported that the divorce between Anna and Chris is “as amicable as it gets” and that their sources also confirm that what came between them wasn’t drama but the reality of wanting different things at different times and what they each wanted out of their marriage. According to TMZ, Anna wanted more children which, um, if you had the sight, is consistent with the issues that came up a couple of years ago. And it’s not that Chris didn’t want more kids, necessarily, but that, well, sometimes kids aren’t necessarily a solution.

So, if you’re inclined to take sides, there’s really no side to take here. There was no cheating, no ego, no scandal.