Dear Gossips,

Chrissy Teigen announced last night on Twitter that she’d given birth. It’s a boy. And Duana will be on it when they release the name. Before that though, Chrissy also tweeted about Yanny vs Laurel:

I’m not here to disagree with Chrissy. And besides, it’s been settled. It’s Laurel. The original recording was for Laurel. Which means those of us who hear Laurel are on the right side of history. Just as we were when we saw the BLUE AND BLACK dress. There will be no further updates on this situation as there is nothing further to update. Thank you for playing. 

Thank you, also, for saving my data plan and letting me know that the Jami Gertz movie I was talking about in What Else yesterday is called Listen To Me. So happy to know that I’m not the only one who loved it. Here’s the trailer, which doesn’t do it justice, but it reminds me that all movies back then tried to have St Elmo’s Fire soundtracks: 


I’ll be looking for a copy of this as soon as I get home. 

Yours in gossip,