I swell when I fly, no matter where I’m flying to. My hands get so big I can’t take my rings off. My ankles are the worst. It’s why I always bring a pair of clean socks, so I can take off my shoes and my travel socks and put on the clean socks and prop my feet up on my bag, to give them some elevation. I have never, however, been swollen this bad in the mouth like Chrissy Teigen. This is bonkers, so bonkers that I want to touch it, because it’s hitting me in all my “I love gross and freaky sh-t” feels. (Dlisted)

The Rock married Lauren Hashian this weekend in Hawaii. It didn’t seem like the wedding equivalent of a movie starring The Rock. Maybe he did the eyebrow in one of the wedding portraits? Maybe he’ll release that on their one year anniversary? (Pajiba)

What does it cost Kim Kardashian to acknowledge Paris Hilton for her career? Especially when her career has eclipsed Paris’s? Kim is more famous than Paris ever was – and has sustained a longer fame time than Paris ever did. This is… basically charity, in her mind. I don’t know if Paris is astute enough to see it that way. But there is some irony here, I think. Paris was a virus that brought down anyone she came in contact with. And the friend she thought would be in her shadow forever ended up being the most immune. (Cele|bitchy) 

I have the same question as the FUG Girls: how did this photo shoot happen randomly on the street? There’s not a hair out of place on Kate Bosworth here, like there’s barely even a flyaway. The outfit is cute but it seems to be two looks going on at the same time: hair and makeup for the evening, tie-dye dress for daytime. Isn’t this better suited for Instagram? (Go Fug Yourself) 

Harry Potter reunion! Draco Malfoy is teaching Hermione how to play guitar and she’s in pink striped pyjamas because, of course, when you grow up together on set in trailers as Emma Watson and Tom Felton did, you’re always lounging around in your pyjamas. (Just Jared)