Chrissy Teigen has given us an update on Chrissy Teigen’s breasts. Like with an entire timeline: the age at which they were first installed, what happened to them when she had children, and what she plans to do with them now that she’s tired of them because they limit her comfort. I never knew I needed this bedtime story but I feel comforted now. (Dlisted) 


This is a post about celebrities in sunglasses in Cannes…and Brad Pitt shows up a LOT. He has a lot of sunglasses. Do you think he still has all these pairs of sunglasses in his possession? Where do the forgotten sunglasses go? Of the other stars featured, my highlights are Lupita, Kristen Stewart, and Sienna Miller. But my favourite pair is worn by Michelle Williams. I LOVE the sunglasses she has on in this gallery. And they would look good on my face too because I have a tiny, turtle-size head, must find. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Central Park Karen aka Amy Cooper is now trying to mount an apology tour. Why don’t we pay attention instead to Christian Cooper, the man whose life she endangered. Christian is…a snack! We already know that he’s into birds. Now find out more about him because if anyone deserves the attention it’s him. (Cele|bitchy) 

There isn’t much joy in the world right now. But this video will bring you joy. It will be the best thing you see all day. And then, maybe, you might feel bad about yourself because while I don’t know you, I do know that you don’t move like this. Even if you have moves, you can’t match these moves. Beyoncé and BTS might not even be able to match these moves. And neither the Beyhive or ARMY would take this as an insult because what human could possibly do it better than this?! (TMZ) 


Eric Ducker wrote about how music videos are being made during coronavirus and how this is perhaps the most adaptable medium. BTS has always been known for their music videos. And Suga’s video for “Daechwita”, released last week, kept up the BTS standard, even during a global pandemic. BTS should be rolling out more content soon. More videos for sure are on the way but if you ask me (nobody asked me), “Daechwita” should be a contender for the MTV VMA Video of the Year. (The Ringer)