Ahem. Let’s kick off today’s edition of What Else? with BTS. Maria has already written her Celebrity Social Media post for today which is why this Instagram post by Chrissy Teigen didn’t make her column but that works out better for me anyway because, well, BTS is my portfolio. Sasha actually was the one who sent this to me. And then I yelled at her – what, so Chrissy validated BTS for you? Not me?! She denies that Chrissy made a difference. But the point is, Chrissy Teigen is now out here declaring her BTS biases: Jin and V. Jin is hilarious so that tracks for her. And V is the model of the band and that tracks too. 


Holy sh-t. I really wish I didn’t click on this but I couldn’t f-cking help myself and now I’m sharing it with you. Because at first I thought it was a hoax and that this is a person dressed like a bat but no, it’s actually a bat and it’s that big! But apparently it’s not hostile at all. So we’re supposed to think of it as a puppy with wings. I’m going to work on that because I really don’t want this species to be maligned if its personality is actually quite sweet. (Dlisted) 

The British tabloids are continuing to punish Meghan in another no-win situation. This time it’s about whether or not she’s performing wokeness by allegedly not being friends with Jessica Mulroney anymore – which, nobody knows if this is true. But if the story is that she’s decided to stay friends with her then the headlines would be about how she’s a hypocrite for staying friends. (Cele|bitchy) 

Have you seen the cover(s) of the latest issue of British Vogue? There are no models featured. Instead, the issue is about the “reset” and instead of “resetting” with faces, we’re doing it with landscapes and paintings. I’m into it. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Which fictional characters never fail to piss you off? I can tell you mine because I’ve been trying to tell you for years: Jorah Mormont from the Game of Thrones TV series. I F-CKING HATE HIM SO MUCH. And I can never understand why he’s considered a heartthrob to so many people. Every time he looked at Daenerys I was squicked. I wanted him to die and – SPOILER – when he finally did die, the fact that they gave him a heroic death made me even angrier. (Pajiba) 

We began with BTS and we will end with BTS. Here’s a quiz that will determine your BTS soulmate. My BTS bias is Jungkook but apparently, according to my answers, my BTS soulmate is Jimin. Of course it is. Jimin is precious, I adore him. (Buzzfeed)