Ford vs Ferrari opens next week – Sarah reviewed the film in September at TIFF – and there are a lot of people who think it could be an Oscar contender, with both leads, Christian Bale and Matt Damon, submitted in the Best Actor category. Which means they’re going to head to head and not committing “category fraud”, a common practice when there are multiple strong performances in a film and studios try to avoid their candidates cancelling each other out. But the field is so crowded this year in all the acting categories, it may not make a difference putting one in lead and the other in supporting. The races are going to be tight either way. 

Here are Christian and Matt at the Ford vs Ferrari premiere last night. It’s good to see Christian Bale look like himself and his character on a red carpet. He’s so handsome, with his hair a little longer like this. But you forget because, well, he’s constantly “transforming” into characters.

And Matt looks great here too. He’s never done it for me and he still doesn’t, but I know he does it for a lot of you, and I feel like he’s doing it for you here now, just in time for his Oscar campaign? You know what will help him? Matt Damon is an outstanding storyteller. Especially on a talk show. One of his most famous talk show stories was back on Letterman – you know the one. And you know, if you can get David Letterman going, it’s an indisputable win: 


Now, all these years later, Matt’s on Conan’s couch, and this time his subject is Tom Cruise. Not quite an impression, but a great Tom Cruise anecdote – and he gets it exactly right when he describes the Tom Cruise Eye Contact. Anybody who’s ever talked to Tom Cruise, including me, will tell you that the eye contact is INTENSE. I can confirm that it’s exactly how Matt explains it. When Tom Cruise looks at you and talks to you, it’s sorcery. You don’t know what’s happening to you, but you do know it’s weird. And when Matt’s the one telling the story, you’re hanging on every word.