Janet Jackson went back on tour last night! LOOK AT HER! LOOK AT MS JACKSON!?!?



You know who I’m talking about.

All the credit for Christian Bale’s latest transformation will go to him. Will his hair and makeup artists get any credit though? I can’t remember if I ever found Christian Bale attractive. And I’m having a hard time remembering how many of you find him attractive. If you’re out there, are you seeing Dick Cheney? I’m not seeing Dick Cheney. I’m seeing…Steve Bannon. Will Christian Bale look like Steve Bannon in 25 years? (Dlisted) 

Kayleigh Donaldson has written a great essay about James Corden – how he’s like Jimmy Fallon, only better. But also? How he’s NOT like the James Corden who began his career in the UK before making it in America. And why, perhaps, even someone as successful as James Corden has been limited by the entertainment systems in both the US and the UK. (Pajiba) 

The bad news is that Serena Williams will not win the US Open. The good news is Maria f-cking Sharapova won’t win the US Open. The bad news is that Venus Williams won’t win the US Open. The good news is that… Sloane Stephens might win the US Open! I’m going to shut my ass right now because Jacek says I’m a jinx. (BET) 

Maggie Gyllenhaal is making me want a pair of velvet pumps. Badly. I have a pair of velvet heels, mary jane straps. Dark green, love them. A proper pump in velvet though has been hard to find with the right heel. It needs to be high for me. A low heel velvet pump is borderline Miss Havisham. Also the heel should be straight. No bending, no curving, no fancy sh-t. Just a classic stem heel, on the thinner side. And a great point at the toe. The colour Maggie’s wearing is perfect too. (Go Fug Yourself) 

Big G’s official first day of school portrait! I’m telling you. That kid was NOT afraid yesterday. As I already mentioned, it was in his eyes. Those are the eyes of a conqueror. Check him out on this steps with his jaunty little pose. Conquering! In other news, we now know his school name, as in his last name. Big G, intials GC. As opposed to GW, which I guess was the other option? There’s already a well-known GW though. And Big G is an original. (Cele|bitchy) 

This week Chris Evans and his dog tried to convince us that he is indeed the Top Chris, and not Chris Pine, of Wonder Woman. Chris Pine and his hair now have an answer to Chris Evans and this dog. Dog or hair? One of the most essential questions ever asked. (Vulture)