Christina Aguilera went full Evil Stepmother at the Latin Grammys. I love this for her. (Go Fug Yourself)


Elizabeth Holmes is being sentenced today. She wants house arrest, the prosecutors want significant jail time. She’s a white woman with a kid—and she’s pregnant right now—so she’ll get house arrest, or at most, a few months in a country club prison. Sorry to sound cynical, but we all know there are two justice systems in America, and we know who gets more favorable outcomes in court. (DListed)

In the spirit of She Said, here is an interview with Chanel Miller, the Jane Doe in the 2015 Stanford sexual assault case that resulted in the conviction of Brock Turner. Chanel published a memoir in 2020, Know My Name, and here, five years after the #MeToo movement exploded into the mainstream, she reflects on her writing, her art, survivors, and being the protagonist of her own story. (Popsugar)


Michael Sheen is Welsh and politically active, which means, in part, he really, REALLY wants the English crown prince to stop using the “Prince of Wales” title. He makes excellent points, particularly about how Prince William’s indifference to Wales is the insult added to the injury. I don’t think the royal family will ever willingly part with the PoW title, but as we talk about imperialism and reparations, rescinding the PoW title would be a good gesture to the Welsh. (Celebitchy)

Speaking of two justice systems, here is a thorough, wretched, and infuriating account of how those two different systems played out for Todd Brunner, a landlord, and Angelica Belen, his tenant. After a house fire killed her three children, Angelica Belen was sentenced to nearly twenty years in jail. After a lifetime of fraud and dodgy property management—including of the house that killed Angelica Belen’s kids—Todd Brunner got probation. The eighteenth century economist Adam Smith said, “Landlords […] love to reap where they never sowed.” In this case, it’s the opposite. Angelica Belen did all the reaping of the tragedy Todd Brunner’s grift sowed. (Pro Publica)