Christopher Meloni’s ass became a thing on the internet earlier this year and he has not only embraced his ass popularity but he is serving up more ass, and pecs, and shoulders, and abs, and all of it, fully leaning into his “zaddy” status. So, yes, we can say that Chris Meloni is a thirst-trapping now. And I feel like between him and Stanley Tucci, we might not be able to handle it if they were in the same room, Stanley making cocktails while Chris pumps iron. (Dlisted) 


Lorde dropped a new single today, “Solar Power”, and the album by the same name is coming soon. The “Solar Power” video is kind of like Midsommar to me, only not dark and twisty but love and light. I LOVED Lorde’s last album, Melodrama, every single track, I loved it so much. I don’t know that I can say the same about this song. It’s not giving me the same… omg, I have to listen to this over and over. But maybe it’ll grow on me over the next couple of days in the sun. Maybe that’s how it works. (PopSugar) 

I really, really love this sweater on Hailey Bieber and while I understand why the Fug Girls are confused about the temperature here, I think it’s for air conditioning. And this is a good sweater to take inside when the AC is blasting but you have an outfit on for heat. I also really like how the sweater works with the sneakers. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Julianne Moore is 60 and she says she’s not fussed about aging. She takes care of her skin with sunscreen, microneedling, and radio frequency which is a non-invasive skin tightening technique. I haven’t tried it but I’ll be trying every f-cking thing as soon as I get my second shot. Especially after this summer when the goal is to be outside, in the sun, under sunscreen, but still, as much as possible. (Cele|bitchy) 

Wrong. This quiz is wrong. It’s a food quiz that promises to tell your zodiac sign based on your breakfast order and it thinks I’m an Aries or Taurus. Probably because I only picked savoury eggs and meat options. I am neither. I am a Libra. Pancakes and waffles are never, ever at the top of my list for breakfast. If it’s my dream breakfast, eggs have to be on the plate. And bacon or sausage and if they’re offering, bbq pork with eggs is…like… the BEST. (Buzzfeed)