I wonder now if this is going to be a thing? Dog mugshots. Because I’m that person. I’m the loser who, after reading this story, thought about setting up one of those pictures for my dogs – like instead of a photo with Santa. Because my dogs are legitimately punks. They always look like they either stole something or are telling you through their eyes to f-ck themselves. (Dlisted)  

Do you exfoliate with apricot scrub? Heidi Klum does. I used to a long, long time ago. And it worked to a point. But after a certain age, in my opinion, you need a more delicate exfoliant. Not too delicate though. There are some products that claim to be exfoliants and they do nothing for my skin. I’ve been using the same rice powder-based daily exfoliant for 14 years now, to the point where I feel emotionally and physically dependent on it and if they ever discontinued, I’d go into shock. It gets rid of the dead cells but it’s gentle at the same time. (Cele|bitchy) 

Amazing silver dress on Allison Janney. That is the correct sleeve length to go with the overall length. That is also the right neckline. You maybe like…it’s just a regular neckline. Well, yeah. Some people would have been tempted to pull it wider though, to show a little collar bone. Nope. This is exactly how high it should be. (Go Fug Yourself) 
Katherine Heigl is great on Suits. Which is great news for her. But it’s also very, very ironic. (Pajiba) 

OMG I love Chloe Kim so much. Remember when she just got up there and stomped that final, even though she knew she’d already won, and then we found out she was tweeting and looking for food in between passes? Can we please, please, please care about during non-Winter Olympics years too? (TMZ) 

Have you listened yet to Ciara’s new song “Level Up”? It applies to all aspects of Ciara’s life – from her music to her men. She’s really did, didn’t she? She really leveled up. Which is as much of a challenge to herself as it is to the people who need to “level up” to her. (Very Smart Brothas)