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As of this writing, Beyoncé Halloween 2019 hasn’t happened yet. Last year she posted on the 30th. Is she skipping this year? I’m f-cking sweating. 

While we wait to find out who or what Beyoncé will be for Halloween, or if she’s even doing Halloween, we do have a temporary winner of Halloween for being Beyoncé and Jay-Z. The Wilsons, Ciara and Russell, went Apesh-t to pay tribute to the Carters and the Obamas.


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Excellent effort. I mean, it’s not the Louvre but the whole point of Apesh-t is that only Beyoncé can shut down the Louvre. The costumes here are almost exact. Ciara’s hair is almost perfect. What I appreciate most is her lip-synch. When Beyoncé lip-synchs in front of the Mona Lisa in the video, the rest of her face remains expressionless and she’s only moving her lips enough to whisper. Ciara totally captures that. Of course she did. She knows better than to choose a Beyoncé costume and not take it to 100. 

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