Normally, when a nominee in a major category wears pants at a major award show, I get excited. Sometimes they end up becoming the night’s Best Dressed. Emma Stone at the Golden Globes is one of the most memorable examples. Was it the same then with Claire Foy and Evan Rachel Wood? Let’s start with Claire.

Claire Foy is SO good in The Crown. It was between her and Elisabeth Moss for Best Actress in a Drama last night and between The Crown and The Handmaid’s Tale for Best Drama, although it quickly became obvious, first at the Creative Arts Emmys last week, and because the Emmys reward in bunches, that The Crown would not be one. Still, Claire was going in to last night as one of the favourites, if not THE favourite, since the TV Academy is also super anglophile. Her black pantsuit, with the sash over one shoulder – very royal – and the old Hollywood hairstyle, is probably on most best dressed lists. But...I don’t care as much about it as I thought I would? Because I never remember what Claire Foy looks like. And I think that might be the point of Claire’s career?

I interviewed Claire at TIFF at the premiere of Breathe last week. She’s amazing in Breathe. But it was halfway through the movie before I remembered it was her. It was halfway through our interview, when she was standing right in front of me, before I remembered it was her. She’s one of those disappearing actors – they disappear into their roles, and the roles leave an impression on you but the person doesn’t. Does that make sense? This is why the Emmys outfit isn’t all that exciting to me. A good outfit still needs to be sold, by a star. Claire Foy isn’t that kind of star. Nor does she want to be.

As for Evan Rachel Wood, well, it was no surprise that Evan Rachel Wood wore a suit to the Emmys. She’s worn a suit to almost every other award show. This is the first time, I think?, since she’s been repping Westworld that she’s worn a white suit. Again, I thought I would care more. But this white suit doesn’t stand up next to her other suits. Because it’s a suit that doesn’t seem like it can commit to being a suit. It’s a suit that also, on the bottom, with the cut of the pants, wants to be a dress. From the waist up? I am here for it. From the waist down? Boring. And disappointing. Or maybe that’s just my bias against palazzo pants.