Anna Wintour hosts a pre-Met Gala dinner every year with the event’s co-chairs. The co-chairs this year are Michaela Coel, Penelope Cruz, Dua Lipa, and Roger Federer. Anna’s favourite sport is tennis; her favourite player is Roger. 


As for Penelope, given that the theme this year is Karl Lagerfeld, and she’s one of Chanel’s ambassadors, for sure she’ll be repping in Chanel tonight. Penelope in Chanel, for me, is like Margot Robbie in Chanel – doesn’t give me a style boner.

Excited for Dua Lipa though. The last time she was at the Met Gala it was 2019, before Future Nostalgia, so I can’t say that it was super memorable. But that album took her to another level. And now she’s a co-chair, so Dua is going to bring it tonight, look out. 


And definitely brace yourselves for Michaela Coel. Because if the night before dinner outfit is any indication…

Michaela Coel arrives at Anna Wintour's pre-Met gala dinner

This velvet water polo cap! Which matches the dress! And it highlights those beautiful earrings, which are a set with the bag and the watch …and her toes?! 

Michaela Coel arrives at Anna Wintour's pre-Met gala dinner

I’m trying to figure out what’s going on with these shoes/her feet but this is the kind of attention to detail we want at the Met Gala. It’s going to be a moment tonight when she arrives, guaranteed.