The last time we checked in on Riverdale’s resident showmance, starring Cole Sprouse and Lili Reinhart, the two were awkwardly fielding questions about their relationship status. It was the closest they’ve come to admitting that they’re more than just co-stars. Now, we’ve got some full on PDA. 

Some of the cast and crew of Riverdale are in Paris for #RiverCon, a fan convention for the show. Cole and Lili went for dinner with Skeet Ulrich (oh hey, FP Jones), Marisol Nichols (Hermione Lodge) and Cole’s dad Matthew. We’ve seen Cole and Lili being couple-y before. They’ve travelled together and strolled down beaches together. But we’ve never seen them kissing at a dinner table across from one of their parents. Does this give insight into how serious they are? Would you make out with a significant other in front of your dad if you weren’t, like, totally going steady? 

In other Riverdale news, the show has been renewed for a third season. Riverdale now has a chance to redeem itself from the almost unwatchable, utter mess that is its second season and Cole and Lili have a chance to keep their on and off-screen chemistry going. To me, Bughead is still one of Riverdale’s best attributes.

There are many Riverdale fans (based on anecdotal Twitter data found in Sarah’s mentions), however, who are only watching at this point for Skeet Ulrich’s FP Jones. This is where we are. Skeet Ulrich's dirty DILF hotness is holding the show together. Hard times. Aside from giving us more FP Jones, the renewal means that Riverdale will get the chance to reset, wrap up the godawful, neverending Black Hood storyline and get back to being entertainingly excessive and campy, instead of unnecessarily ridiculous and self-important. KJ Apa will also have more time to work on his ability to emote. 

Here’s hoping Cole and Lili’s showmance also makes it to another season.  

Also attached - Cole and Lili out for dinner together again tonight in Paris.