Colman Domingo has a rom-com story of his own with how he met his husband. I am so jealous of all these people with their meet cutes! (Pajiba)


Rahul Mishra’s collection presentation at Paris fashion week was wild. The garments are good, the presentation is outrageous. I love it. Who do you think will wear something from this line? (Go Fug Yourself)

Justine Triet was also surprised she was the only woman nominated for Best Director. The “one only” mindset is so tired, honestly. Just nominate two women! (Celebitchy)


Lisa Beasley did her “Corporate Erin” character on WGN news. Between her and the Toodaloo lady, how long before some billionaire is trying to get social media shut down because people are using it to learn how to set work-life boundaries and demand better treatment on the job? (OMG Blog)

Allergies, and childhood allergies, are no joke, but this story is also how I learned that Patrick and Brittany Mahomes named one of their kids “Bronze”. I support it because I love the names Silver and Copper and have yet to convince anyone to use them in real life, but now I can point to the Mahomes’ as an example of using a color/mineral name in real life. Somebody name your kid Silver or Copper and tell me about it! (Page Six)