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Amazingly it’s been 4 or 5 days since we’ve heard from Harvey via TMZ. Last weekend he had his therapist contact TMZ to make assurances that Harvey was serious about treatment – one week of treatment – and seemed fully engaged. Since then, however, several more women have come forward to accuse him of rape and harassment. Yesterday at a press conference in New York, Natassia Malthe revealed that Harvey forced himself on her in London in 2008. So far, over 50 women have come forward with allegations against Harvey. And over 200 women have come forward with allegations against James Toback.

Yesterday the NY Times reported that Colony Capital, the company that has been considering buying The Weinstein Company, may be pulling out of the deal. According to The Hollywood Reporter though, should Colony back out of the negotiations, two more companies, Fortress Investment Group and Vine Alternative Investments, are also interested.

Is there a f-cking lineup?

Some people are rationalising that interest in acquiring TWC is about protecting the artists, ensuring that their work can move forward. Right. Because money people always have artistic integrity top of mind when they’re considering what to do with their cash. Is there a lineup to invest in Shondaland? Shondaland isn’t a studio (yet) but it is a robust production company that Shonda Rhimes is trying to turn into a media empire with 30 employees so far, 6 shows in production, a website, and advancement opportunities for everyone. Fast Company profiled Shonda’s business plan and vision back in August. I just have a hard time understanding why people continue to want to put their cash into a business like The Weinstein Company when there are so many other options.

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