In this week’s Sasha Answers podcast, Sasha remembers, not all that fondly, what it was like working for Tara Reid. That leads to a question about what it takes to work for a celebrity. Is it worth it? There are definitely bonuses… but it takes a certain person. Will you pick up their underwear? Will you put down your ego? Will you put yourself last? I would for Beyoncé.

I am living for this Nerd Rumble. Remember at Comic-Con a few years ago when a couple of a nerds got into a fight? I can’t recall what it was about, maybe the proper size, to the millimeter, of Princess Leia’s hairbuns, but supposedly one of them ended up stabbing the other – with a pencil! If this is not the correct version of events, I’m sure some nerd will come to correct me on Twitter. And I hope that they will tell me that “your understanding of the subject is limited”. Nerd burn!   (Dlisted) 

I have listened to this song thousands, literally thousands, of times over the last 30 years. That’s how old I am. And, in my opinion, there is no reason it should be performed like this. Not that I dislike Darren Criss. I have no feelings about Darren Criss. I have a LOT of feelings about this song. And today my feeling is anger. I am angry that I was stupid enough to press play. (Just Jared) 

My heart sank when I read this headline. I didn’t want it to happen on TV. Like if this is the new rom-com, shouldn’t the meeting have been on social media? And yet, it’s kind of a parallel to the social media fame cycle, isn’t it? People get famous on Twitter/Instagram/YouTube. Their audience on those platforms is earlier way, WAY bigger than the viewership of most TV shows and movies. And yet… their ultimate goal is still TV shows and movies. (Cosmo) 

I love this crazy Gucci dress, SO MUCH. If crazy Gucci means no more sheer dresses – which we’ve had to see over and over again since 2012 – give me more crazy Gucci dresses. The problem isn’t the dress. It’s the shoes, always the shoes. These are the wrong shoes for this outfit…and, really, for any outfit. You’re never going to convince me that a multi-strap on the diagonal across the foot is a good thing. (Go Fug Yourself) 

I wonder if Olivia De Havilland scripts her lawyers. I would like to believe she does. Basically what she’s saying is that she’s old. And she has no time to f-ck around and wait on Ryan Murphy to get his sh-t together. Only much more elegantly because she is Olivia De Havilland and is too classy to gossip but do not mistake her elegance for weakness. She is not the one. (Jezebel) 

Crazy Rich Asians just wrapped filming, the movie doesn’t even have a release date yet, but already it’s a starmaker. Henry Golding who plays Nick in CRA just got a job in a new movie. So he has great agents. And he must have really made an impression on that set. (Variety)