It’s happening. The Coming to America sequel is happening. So I need you to tell me how to feel. Because… I think I might be excited? Last year was the 30th anniversary of Coming to America. It came out in 1988, I watched it in the theatre. Then I watched it over and over and over again when it came out on Pay TV. I love Coming to America. I mean it’s been a minute since I’ve seen it but I feel like I would still laugh at the same parts. And all the people are coming back! Am I stupid for not wanting to sh-t on this? (Even though it will probably be sh-t? But wait, Kenya Barris is writing so maybe it won’t be sh-t!) I can’t be the only one who’s curious about whether or not Sexual Chocolate is still performing? (Dlisted) 

There’s a new moon on the horizon (sorry, I couldn’t help myself). It’s another blood moon, only this time it’s super and red and has something to do with a wolf – omg is it a Game of Thrones moon? Whatever it is, it’s must-see reality (sorry again). But Jezebel is asking… do we have moon fatigue? Are all these special moons taking the special out of the moon? (Jezebel) 

Oh hey fans of The Americans – did you miss Keri Russell and Matthew Rhys last night? They weren’t there and the show was named Best Drama. Duana and Kathleen mentioned it several times on our group chat. It’s kind of on brand for them. Those two are actually cool enough to have moved on from it well before anyone else is ready to. Matthew’s moving on to Perry Mason, produced by Robert Downey Jr. (Just Jared) 

Brie Larson isn’t engaged anymore. Someone conveniently leaked it to PEOPLE the other day. Which … is good timing. She won’t be doing major press and appearances for Captain Marvel for another few weeks so it won’t be a focus on the press tour. It’s really not even a focus at all. Brie’s personal life has never been a fascination that way it is for her Oscar friends, Emma Stone and Jennifer Lawrence. (Cele|bitchy) 

Men’s fashion at the Critics’ Choice Awards. Richard Madden is dressing like he really wants that Bond job, non? But, really, there’s only one winner. Seems like he wins every time he shows up. You know who I mean. That would be Timothee Chalamet. At this rate, what is he going to show up in at the Oscars if he’s nominated? Probably at the Oscars he’s going to tone it down, which would be a disappointment. (Go Fug Yourself) 

People really got freaked out here about Gigi Hadid’s missing belly button which… that was obvious to me immediately that it was a bodysuit. Skin is never that even in colour and besides, she has cute little moles all over her torso. Never mind. Maybe I’m the one who’s weird. (Teen Vogue)