Diane Kruger won the Best Actress award at Cannes on Sunday for her work in Into The Fade. Joshua Jackson congratulated her on Instagram. Joanna noted Diane’s response:

Norman Reedus also congratulated Diane on her achievement. Joanna compared Diane’s reaction:

“Thank you”, with one heart emoji, and a “babe”, with many, many heart emojis followed by whatever it is you want to call that other emoji. The “thank you” is platonic. The “babe” is all the sex. But also even the two men and their Insta style tells you everything about the relationships Diane had with them in the most generic high school rom-com way. Joshua Jackson is Brian Krakow. Norman Reedus is Jordan Catalano. The fact that Pacey Witter became Brian Krakow is a whole other conversation altogether. The point is what Diane wanted, after a decade with Joshua, was danger. And Norman Reedus is totally that guy.

Did you ever see that paparazzi video of them in New York a couple of months ago?


They know the paps are there when they round the corner. And he behaves like… a punk showboat. Right? You know that guy. You know what it’s like to be with that guy before you see him for being that guy. That’s where Diane Kruger is living now.