Anna Wintour became the editor-in-chief of Vogue in 1988. It has been a 30 year reign. And there are rumours now that it’s coming to an end. Page Six reported yesterday that Anna will step down from her position at Conde Nast in July, following her daughter Bee Schaffer’s wedding, and after closing the all-important September issue. Immediately after Page Six’s story, Conde Nast came out with a denial:

“We emphatically deny these rumours.”

A spokesperson also told The Cut that: 

“There’s zero truth to the story.” 

So…why does everyone believe it? People are talking about money issues and the relevance of Vogue in these digital times. Also Graydon Carter stepped down a few months ago. And, I mean, 30 seems like a nice round number. But there’s a bigger picture to consider too. And it’s not just about these digital times but these social times. Graydon and Anna are seen by some to be the old guard. Duana and I just talked last week on Show Your Work about the great work that Radhika Jones is already doing at Vanity Fair. And Edward Enninful’s latest cover for British Vogue has been met with universal admiration. According to Page Six, Edward is apparently tight with Jonathan Newhouse, the head of Conde Nast. And supposedly that’s who will take over from Anna… IF she actually is stepping down. 

I believe it… and I don’t. I believe it because if she exits now, there’s some grace to it. And heading up the British Fashion Council, which is the speculation, seems like a prestigious place to land. But I don’t believe it because The Devil Wears Prada. It’s kind of a similar storyline, non? Edward Enninful isn’t exactly Stanley Tucci but a f-ckover is a f-ckover, no matter the title. Is Anna ready to give up the power seat? If she is, would she still insist on presiding over the Met Gala? We’re now just a month away from the Met Gala. Could it be her final Met Gala? Most importantly, if Anna really is done at Vogue, does this mean Victoria Beckham will finally get the thing she’s wanted most, more than anything else – an American Vogue cover!?