Yesterday in Shout-Outs, I wished good luck to “Meaux” because she was on yesterday’s Jeopardy! And – SPOILER ALERT – guess what happened? MEAUX WON! You can watch her episode here


The British tabloids’ PR campaign on behalf of Duchess Camilla is desperate and hilarious. And … also part of the “invisible contract”? Now they’re trying to sell people on the fact that Camilla is “unglamorous” but wait, weren’t they just saying last week that she’s a fashion icon? Make up your f-cking mind. (Cele|bitchy) 

It’s been reported that the Queen will no longer be living at Buckingham Palace and instead will remain at Windsor Castle. This makes sense especially given her age but also it’s not surprising since she’s always loved being at Windsor, it’s never been a secret. Windsor is the final resting place of her parents, her husband, and her sister. It is where she will rest too, whenever that time comes. As for Buckingham Palace… so… does that mean Charles will start renovating? (Dlisted) 

The FUG Girls got me with this headline – you have to see Daisy Edgar-Jones’s shoes. And at first I was disappointed and confused. Those shoes, at first glance, look basic as f-ck. I generally hate shoes like this. But then… well… the party reveals itself. (Go Fug Yourself) 


Netflix, like so many other companies, is suspending access in Russia. Which means Putin won’t be able to watch Bridgerton and also, as Colbert suggests, Love Is Blind. Some of the jokes in this are very, very good. (Pajiba) 

Calling all Crash Landing on You fans. Hyun Bin covers the new issue of DAZED Korea. Calling all shippers…  he and Son Ye-jin’s wedding is apparently this month. They just announced their engagement like a month ago. Korea celebrities don’t usually observe long engagements. It’ll apparently be a really private ceremony. PLEASE, give us a photo! (Soompi)