Constance Wu at the Vanity Fair Oscar party. As far as I know, this is the first time she’s attended the Vanity Fair Oscar party. Because her profile is growing. And it will only continue to grow as we approach the release of Crazy Rich Asians in August. If Warner Bros is willing to invest in marketing Crazy Rich Asians, it could be an event rom-com. A very successful rom-com featuring an all-Asian cast. So… this year the Vanity Fair Oscar party, but next year, for Constance, the Oscars proper? I’m feeling it. 

I am also feeling this dress. It’s SO good, right? The dark rainbow striped sequins, the lapels, the thick velvet belt that hangs long… 

Duana isn’t into the length. She would hem it. I disagree. To me the length is perfect. But what we spent most of our time talking about is whether or not Constance is wearing a wig. If you’ve been reading this blog recently, you may have picked up on my new obsession with wigs. Because I wore a wig for the Oscars this year. To go with my suit. I’d done a ponytail for the Oscars two years in a row. And I wanted my hair above my shoulders this year but my hair is too long to faux-bob. So Jordy, our stylist, got me a wig. Holy sh-t I never realised what a production it is to wear a wig. 

Anyway, to me, Constance’s hair here looks like a wig, since I’m suddenly a wig expert. Her hair looks lighter here than it usually does. And there’s something about the way it’s falling on the sides right? And also how it’s shaping around the fringe and the middle part? Duana and Kathleen have both weighed in. They too agree that it looks like a wig. 

I’m telling you. I don’t know why I waited this long in life to try out a wig. It can totally make a look.