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My personal favourite outfit at the American Music Awards last night: Constance Wu. Totally my jam – high collar, long, pretty sleeves, not tight to the body, lots and lots of leg…and the colour pattern of those sequins, MY GOD. Also her skin looked flawless. 

In other Constance news, she’s on the cover of the new issue of AdWeek:


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This, as always, is a thoughtful interview about her career choices, before and after Crazy Rich Asians. She talks about the pressure of fame, how she struggled with it when she first started on Fresh Off the Boat but about how that experience was training for how to handle the success of CRA. She is specific about what she wants to avoid in the business, that she stays away from the “scene”, that she relies on “the community that built me” to not get sucked into what we’ve seen can be the intoxicating and nefarious side of the industry. It’s worth noting here what many have about celebrity and the age at which you become one – how it can arrest development, how it can trap you in the same space, preserved in amber, and the downside to that eventually outweighs the benefit. 

Actors who get their starts on television often start giving hints about leaving television as soon as film opportunities become more available. Constance tells AdWeek that “(Crazy Rich Asians) has opened a lot of doors, and people are just offering me leading parts now—I’m not auditioning!” Which is amazing…but there’s also no sense in the article that Fresh Off the Boat is no longer her priority. And of course she’s balanced by the memory, by the consequence, of what she did a couple of years ago when she called out Hollywood’s hypocrisy in the Casey Affleck situation: 

“It was a tipping point where what would have felt worse to me was not speaking out, because nobody else is talking about it,” she says of Affleck, who went on to win Best Actor. “I had to do it and I definitely lost some opportunities, because sometimes when there’s a woman who’s assertive, there’s a certain idea of how she might be to work with.”

You know who does want to work with her though? Jennifer Lopez. It was reported yesterday that Constance has joined the cast of JLo’s Hustlers for a lead role. The movie is based on a true story that was published in New York Magazine about a group of strippers who scammed their wealthy, “disgusting and pathetic” Wall Street clients after the 2008 financial crisis. Let me just repeat that: Jennifer Lopez is producing and will also star…but Constance will “take the lead”. 

So maybe there was a cost to Constance’s outspokenness. But now the bonuses are coming in. 

More AMAs coverage to follow all morning. 

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