GREAT outfit on Hailee Steinfeld. And it’s a strapless situation too, which I’m not normally drawn to because, personally, I find strapless such a pain in the ass. This, however, is different because of the construction. The material looks solid, like it wouldn’t move much. And then with the zipper and the belt, there’s even more security to it. She probably didn’t have to fuss much while wearing it the whole time. (Go Fug Yourself)


I did not watch the first season of And Just Like That which means I am not watching the second season. Plot twist though. Because I’ve just learned that the best character on the show is a dog. And I love dogs. So should I watch for the dog? (The Cut) 

Lucy Hale enjoys travelling alone. Last year I spent a week in London on my own, by choice. It was exhilarating. It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made – as corny as it sounds, it felt like I was on a week-long date with myself. And I actually did not want to ghost myself. Highly recommend. (Cele|bitchy) 

The writers’ strike has now passed the 100 day mark. Meanwhile, for whatever reason, Suits has become one of the most-watched shows this summer. And I’m connecting the two because of what you’ll learn in this post about what some of the writers on the show were paid. It’s an excellent example of how the people responsible for these stories and not being fairly compensated. (Pajiba) 

Language is important, especially when you factor in historical context. As “lesbian bars” become more and more popular then, what should they be called? (Punch Drink)