A note on Prince Harry, his book, and his recent interviews – he’s been THE story for the last few days and he still has an appearance coming up tomorrow on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Spare comes out tonight and as I wrote last week, I’d rather comment on the particulars once I’ve read the book with the revelations in context. Because even though it’s a new year… context is still important, right? 


Here’s an example: I’m sure you saw the tabloid headlines last week all like “PRINCE HARRY DID DRUGS!” In context, though, he talks about using drugs as a way to cope with his pain, the trauma from the death of his mother, the confusion around not being able to process his emotions. How do all of these details – from the drugs to his penis to the lipgloss to the hugging etc etc – fit into the larger context and the flow of the book? How do his interviews support the story he’s telling in the book? Can we actually have a productive conversation if we don’t actually read the book? This is why I haven’t posted about Harry today. But I will as soon as I can get to the book. Because right now there’s too much sh-t flying around. Here's an example: as mentioned last week, some of my favourite tweets have been the jokes on Twitter making up a revelation from Spare. Like the one I posted on the other day, the one I called the OG, with someone saying that Prince Harry thinks that Emma Stone was the right choice to win the Oscar for La La Land, LOL forever. This one, however, might be the best…


The replies had me screaming. But then you know what happened? Some legit media outlets actually believed it. Like The Independent. 

The Independent's headline about Prince Harry 
Press Gazette's headline about Prince Harry

Tells you how out of control and out of context the leaks of the book are coming. 


Step aside everyone. Rita Moreno is on the red carpet, wearing red, with animal print, and making 2023 her bitch. (Go Fug Yourself)

It’s 2023 and we’re still talking about Nepo Babies. Or, rather, in Hailey Bieber’s case, she’s making it fashion. As Sarah wrote last week, Allison Williams’s take on it has been the best so far, although I’m not mad at Hailey wearing her identity. (Dlisted) 

Avatar: The Way of Water has surpassed Top Gun: Maverick as the highest-grossing movie of 2022. But, probably, more people will remember Maverick. (Pajiba) 

Before Prince Harry, who was the last royal to do a long-form sit-down interview? You don’t have to answer that – it was just a question to get me to Prince Andrew’s sh-t show of an interview with BBC NewsNight during which he confidently came across as a f-cking idiot. That f-cking idiot settled with Virginia Giuffre last year and apparently the agreement only held her back from speaking the truth, as loudly as possible, for one year so we might be hearing from her again soon. At which point she’ll remind the world, again, that he allegedly participated in Jeffrey Epstein’s sex crimes. (Cele|bitchy) 

OMG Shalom Harlow! Her life in looks! I LOVE HER. (Vogue)