Dear Gossips, 

People have been buzzing online the last few days about the Destiny’s Child website. It’s the 25th anniversary and if they’re doing something with the website…


I mean, it could just be that they’re releasing a special edition of the debut album. Or it could be something more. Beyoncé, as we know, is nearing the end of the Renaissance tour, at least for now (there are rumours she’ll be heading to Latin America) and there are two big shows in Houston coming up in a couple of weeks. Houston is where every member of the BeyHive is looking at because of the expectation that something extra special might happen when the Queen returns to her hometown. 

There’s already speculation that Megan Thee Stallion might jump on stage with her. But is it possible that there could be a DC reunion too?!

This is why some of us have been trying to find tickets for Houston for months! Those prices aren’t coming down with all this buzz either. 


In other Beyoncé news, literally, there’s a job opening. 


Imagine getting paid to ONLY work on Beyoncé. Like that’s your one professional responsibility: stay up-to-date on Beyoncé and keep others up-to-date on Beyoncé. It’s about time, right? 

There are royal reporters, after all, in the UK whose entire beat is to follow the British royal family – and this is a group of dusty ass people who aren’t every day shaping culture and lifestyle. Why shouldn’t every publication have a dedicated reporter, or a team of reporters, following the influence of the Queen of Culture! 

Attached - Beyoncé backstage and performing in Vancouver on Monday night. 

Yours in gossip,