Beyoncé, the Queen, turns 40 in just a couple of weeks. As we all know now, it’s a cultural holiday, September 4, celebrated by celebrities and civilians. And since this year is a big milestone, we’ve been wondering for a while now what she might be gifting to us… if anything… for her Ruby Jubilee. 


Beyoncé is never predictable. You just have to be ready for whatever is going to happen when it happens. There are, however, some possibilities to consider this year. Jay-Z’s Made in America festival is happening on Beyoncé’s birthday weekend and it’s the 10th anniversary. Her birthday proper is the first night of the event, on Saturday. She’s probably going to be there, right? 

But also…with whom? 

Because this is what people have been talking about on social media the last couple of days: 


Coincidence or conspiracy? Is Destiny’s Child reuniting for the Ruby Jubilee? 

Well, before that, there’s the new drop. Ivy Park Rodeo is happening tomorrow and we now have new photos of Beyoncé in her gear promoting the line – and I love how she’s wearing her hair here: 


Here’s a look at the hair without the hat:


It’s a tight but loose curl, with bangs. So good. Also I love this print and I’m curious about the skirt: 

Will I be able to golf in this skirt? Is it breathable?