Jennifer Garner was photographed while out for a run this week. According to the photo agency, she was out there for an hour which isn’t too long for a run but it’s also not exactly cool in LA right now and my point is, I couldn’t do it. I don’t like outside running to begin with but hot outside running, for me, is never an option. How do people not faint?!


Jen is pretty active, stays in good shape, so it’s not unusual that she was out for a run. However, it was reported back in July that she’ll be reprising her role as Elektra in Deadpool 3. Which is why my mind went to that – that she’s training ahead of her filming her part, assuming that her scenes haven’t already been shot. 

Production on Deadpool 3 started earlier this year in May. They were rolling for about six weeks or so before shooting was suspended when SAG-AFTRA called the strike in July. If Jennifer hadn’t yet started working on the movie then she basically has to stay ready for the duration of the work stoppage. The strike could end next month, or it could last until next year. 


I mean, I know this isn’t like the career of a miner or anything….but it’s still a level of physical commitment that I personally would not be capable of. When I’m on a training program I need a goal, a clearly marked end date. Staying motivated like this for an indefinite period of time would be a struggle. Like I would probably lose the part because I couldn’t keep up with that much working out and eating right, especially in the summer when it’s hot dogs and burgers every other meal.