Rihanna’s Halftime Show is now four weeks away. She took a timeout on Tuesday to attend the Golden Globes – and was shouted out multiple times during the night – but when she’s not with her baby, she is definitely spending most of her time right now rehearsing for the event. For many people, Rihanna is the Main Event. Is there a game on February 12? Some of us have that day marked down for a concert, the Rihanna concert. That’s basically the energy of the t-shirt she released: 


As previously announced, the halftime show is now being presented by Apple Music. And in anticipation of Rihanna’s concert, they’ve released a teaser: 


You will note, there is no mention of a football game. There are no references to football. Instead, the spot features soundbites that have been thrown around over the last few years during Rihanna’s musical hiatus. People keep talking about how long it’s been and where she’s been – a shout-out to the incessant demands that she hurry the f-ck up and drop R9, her long overdue ninth album, and the relentless speculation that it’s on its way, that it’ll be this year, and then the year passes, and then the next year, and that year passes…


And now it’s 2023, just after contributing two songs on the Black Panther: Wakanda Forever soundtrack, and she previously said that the Halftime Show doesn’t necessarily mean that the album is coming, but this teaser for the performance acknowledges that We Have Been Waiting. And she puts her finger to her lips to quiet down the noise…

Which she has done before:

Everyone’s in the comments convinced that this means something. Because she knows, she has heard it all. And she confirms: “You needed me”. We did and we do. And with all that expectation, it seems like she is ready to deliver. 

Attached - Rihanna and A$AP Rocky out for dinner at Giorgio Baldi after the Golden Globes.