Machine Gun Kelly attended a couple of recent events without Meghan Fox so there may have been some wondering about whether or not they’re still breathing each other. They did however spend Thanksgiving on holiday in Greece with their kids so no one was really firing up an alarm. And here they are last night at the launch party for his nail polish doing the most with their love, as usual. 


Can you see? They’re connected by their nails, attached by chain. It’s amazingly extra. And I’m not complaining. Because whether or not you’re into their goth rock whatever bond, the celebrity love ecosystem needs this couple. We need them in all varieties! Twenty years ago, gossip had Angelina Jolie and Billy Bob Thornton and the vials of blood, alongside Nicole Kidman and Tom Cruise. That shouldn’t change in 2021. For every wholesome Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively, we need to balance it with a Megan and MGK. 

While those two have been pretty visible through 2021, the Taylor-Johnsons, have been pretty quiet. People were trying to rumour earlier this year after he deleted his Instagram but he still shows up on hers now and again and last night they attended the Jennifer Klein holiday party together so that’s basically the year-end update on their status. 


As for work, Aaron’s part of The King’s Man ensemble coming out later this month and he’s in David Leitch’s star-studded Bullet Train coming out Spring 2022 and that cast includes Brad Pitt and Sandra Bullock. He and Sam will work together again as it was announced earlier this year that she’s directing a film about the artist Mark Rothko and his daughter’s fight to honour his legacy. Russell Crowe will play Mark Rothko and Michael Stuhlbarg and Jared Harris are also part of it, with Aisling Franciosi playing Kate Rothko. So the Taylor-Johnson personal and professional partnership continues.