Written by Duana

We’re getting up awfully early at my house these days. Between a new puppy and a lot of work to do and a delightful houseguest, we are usually deep into the swing of the workday by about 7 AM.

This morning, that meant Lainey and I discussing Courteney and David Arquette at length, already. And it hasn’t been sitting well with me all day.

When I heard the kinds of things they were talking about on air at Howard Stern yesterday - that they were airing all their dirty laundry (paraphrased: she couldn’t talk to him about her dad dying because all he wanted to do was have sex. He protested that he was ‘good that time’ and she relented), I was like “since when did it become ‘All Access with the Arquettes”?

Once she shows up, Howard jumps immediately into Courteney and David’s relationship issues. They discuss whether she is just dragging her feet in admitting the relationship is over. David thinks yes, she seems surprised. (If your partner is the one who wants it over, wouldn’t you give them all the space and time in the word to figure it out? Or would you pull the plug while they dithered?) She says they ‘were best friends yesterday’.

What are these two doing here? They talk, they seem open, they are clearly airing their laundry for everyone – so there are a few options here. Either they both wanted to be in a place where they could talk with a moderator (which Howard Stern is surprisingly good at being), or it was a previously agreed-upon publicity commitment (which is usually pretty easy to wiggle out of) or she actually heard him on the air and was nearby enough to walk in and talk about her life.

…or it’s all a publicity stunt. They have a movie opening today, of course.

It makes me uncomfortable. Maybe it’s just that, as one of the highest-paid television actresses of all time, she was hard to access for awhile. There was an elitism about her that seemed, based on her success, earned.

We clamor and want access to celebrity lives – but this is too much and too raw for me. Am I, then, a hypocrite? Do I want it but only if it’s pretty? Or am I right in thinking that something like this should always, always be kept behind closed doors? What benefit is it to give this to your fans?

Attached – Courteney making the Scream rounds yesterday.

Photos from Wenn.com