Courteney Cox’s Walk of Fame ceremony took place yesterday and several of her family and friends showed up for her, including daughter Coco, and BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Lisa Kudrow. So it was a bit of a Friends reunion, which is always a draw. Almost everyone knows the show and everyone knows about the bond that was forged between the six actors on the show. Which is why yesterday turned into a bit of a show with the three female Friends gathered together on Courteney’s day. 


Somehow they all dressed the same and wore their hair the same – long black coats and blowouts, a cohesive unit together on stage as Jennifer and Lisa spoke about what Courteney means to them which also included, as friends do, inside jokes and gentle mocking. 

The chemistry here is real, famously real, because they actually do all hang out after all these years, so when they go off-script and start teasing each other and bantering, or mildly fighting, it taps into the nostalgia, that public’s connection to these friends from that show that started airing nearly 30 years ago…which is something even they can’t seem to quite believe. That became a cute point of contention up on stage too between Jennifer and Lisa, when Lisa said that they met almost three decades ago. 

Does it feel like it’s been that long?! 


Coco is already 18 years old. There are also some cute photos of Coco leaning against her godmother, Jen, watching Courteney from her seat. 

Laura Dern was also there and during her speech talked about meeting Courteney on a plane and becoming instantly drawn to her. And Johnny McDaid too, who didn’t speak but did pose with Courteney and her star. They’ve been together ten years this year and stayed together through the pandemic, even though they were apart for several months because of travel restrictions etc. I mean if they can make it through that, I feel like they are SOLID.