The mother-daughter combination that most people have been talking about at the recent fashion weeks has been Cindy Crawford + Kaia Gerber. But how about Courtney Love and Frances Bean Cobain? It’s been so nice to see that, over the last couple of years, after a period of estrangement, they seem to be close again, right? As mentioned, many times, I’m all about Elvis Presley. Which means that I’m obsessed with Lisa Marie Presley. I wonder if this is how Kurt Cobain fans feel about Frances Bean. Elvis and Kurt, obviously, have very different brands. And fans. Elvis fans are unapologetically cheesy in their devotion, just like Elvis. Kurt was not cheesy, well, not in the way Elvis was. Kurt’s counterculture was antithesis if what Elvis represents. But does that mean his fans aren’t super into Frances Bean as, perhaps, the living vessel of his spirit? Can they help themselves?

Courtney Love has always been popular in the front row at fashion events. We saw Frances join her a couple of seasons ago. They attended the MET Gala together earlier this year with Marc Jacobs:

And they’re at Paris Fashion Week together. Twinning.

Here they are yesterday at the Saint Laurent show:

And earlier in the day, it wasn’t an exactly match, but the colours were definitely coordinated. Which makes sense since they’re wearing the same designer from the same collection. Normally I hate that sh-t. But with Courtney and Frances Bean, I dunno, I think it’s cute.