So… have you heard about “Courtside Karen”? LeBron James came up with the name, not me. She’s posted a video in response to getting thrown out of the game – for pulling down her mask DURING A PANDEMIC (not gonna lie, still uncomfortable with having fans at sports events right now) and yelling at him – defending her actions. I appreciate the full hair and makeup and wardrobe, plus filters, for this shoot. Was this an audition? (Cele|bitchy)


I forgot about this because this man is doing the most, literally, and it’s malicious – at least to me. But just because I forgot doesn’t mean he stopped. He has not stopped harassing Sofia Vergara over the embryos and basically forcing her to have a connection to him. Even though he keeps losing, he will not give up. Isn’t this a form of stalking?! (Dlisted)

Is it just me or is there a lot of athleisure energy in this new Chanel collection? Don’t get me wrong – I’m not saying these are joggers. Obviously the pieces are fancy as f-ck. At the same time, they’re also cut to be roomy-ish. Pants that are hang like joggers. Tops that slouch a little like hoodies. Skirts and dressers that are looser and boxier. Am I imagining this? (Go Fug Yourself)

Rita Ora has been making a lot of headlines during the pandemic – and they’re not great headlines, but people keep talking about her, which I guess… do you think she likes it that way? As Kayleigh Donaldson points out though, as much as people might have sh-t to say about her, how many people actually know her work? I asked this question a couple of years ago, noting that I have no idea about Rita Ora’s music and someone yelled at me all like she’s huge in the UK! Is she though? Is she? (Pajiba)

“Ohhhhh I’m blinded by the light.” How many times have you heard this song over the last year? A LOT, right? It’s one of the most played songs of 2020 (unless you’re the Grammys, who for some reason ignored it and The Weeknd) and Vulture is here to break down why it’s so successful. (Vulture)