Dear Gossips, 

“Could this whole night have been an email” is what Tina Fey jokingly asked at one point during the Golden Globes the other night. In retrospect, probably quite a few people would have preferred the email? 


The SAG Awards will not be an email. But by award show standards, it’ll practically be an email this year. Variety reported yesterday that the Screen Actors Guild has decided that their show will be a one-hour pre-tape. There’s no host, no red carpet, not even a set. Instead, sketches will be performed and recorded over zoom and awards will be distributed in advance, all pieces edited together for a one-hour broadcast on TNT on April 4. And they’re trusting the stars to keep the secret until the show goes to air. 

I don’t hate this decision. It’s quick, it’s in and out, it’s not a huge time commitment, and we can all reset and come back next year. Curious to know what the Critics’ Choice Awards are thinking right now. Their show is happening this coming Sunday and…well… 

The Critics’ Choice Awards is not the television event on Sunday that people are looking forward to. Like a LOT. As far as I’m concerned, for two hours on Sunday, March 7 starting at 8pm, the only thing happening is Oprah with Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. And I’m not alone. 


Like I’ve been saying from the moment the Oprah special was announced, the big winner out of all of this CBS. For the celebrities who are confirmed to participate in some way at the Critics’ Choice Awards, how many of them will be watching the Oprah interview with Meghan and Harry instead of paying attention to the awards?!

More on Meghan and Oprah and the royal family later today. What a week. Can you believe what we’ve seen this week…and we’re still three days away from the interview? 

Yours in gossip,