One of the biggest moments, at least on my timeline, of Coachella 2023 was Zendaya’s surprise appearance this weekend during Labrinth’s set. She showed up for the final two songs, “I’m Tired” and “All for Us” from the Euphoria soundtrack. As you can see from the videos in the thread below, the crowd lost their sh-t when she came out. 


As you can also see from those videos, even though this was her first live performance in seven years, she hasn’t lost the swagger that’s essential on stage. Which is what makes Zendaya so compelling as an entertainer. She’s known to be shy, and when she’s out in the wild, as herself, out of the spotlight, she’s really low-key, she can make herself small. But she can also expand. We see this on the red carpet, when she’s showcasing an outfit to its fullest potential, popping her shoulders, angling her hips, serving and slaying. 

And that energy was also on display at Coachella – the confidence, the ferocity, it comes out when it needs to, when the moment calls. After that, she’s back to this:


She said it was last minute which probably helped with keeping the secret. What’s also a secret though is whether or not, a week from today, Z will be at the Met Gala. She is Louis Vuitton’s newest ambassador. Her LV campaign was just launched last week.

Major fashion houses always have a presence at the Met Gala and I can’t imagine that LV wouldn’t want Zendaya there to represent, knowing that she is always, always, always one of the highlights from that event. I just, um, hope they have something worthy of her. Because LV hasn’t always delivered on that night.