If you watch Yellowjackets, then no doubt you are crushing hard on Christina Ricci and her performance as Misty. Love this essay by Kaleigh Donaldson, “The Long-Awaited Return of Christina Ricci”. (Pajiba)  


I like weird ass fashion as much as the next person but I’m not sure I can get down with fashion contortion. Like, I appreciate the individual elements of this Viktor & Rolf look but all I’m feeling when I’m seeing this outfit on the runway is my shoulders starting to ache and my neck cramping up. Which I know is probably not what the model is doing but the presentation suggests it, and I’m not sure the outfit is special enough to warrant the discomfort. (Go Fug Yourself)  

Kim Kardashian and Pete Davidson went for dinner at Jeff Bezos’s and I would like to know the effort that went into hosting when it’s Kim and Pete coming over. A lot of effort? Or minimal? A good host is supposed to accommodate (within reason) their guests. So when the guests are those two, is it an 85 course meal? Is it takeout? Is it bbq? It is just a bowl of joints and a few bags of chips? What? (Dlisted)


Minnie Mouse is going high fashion – she’s upgraded her wardrobe to Stella McCartney. And of course it’s become a debate about whether or not we’re all going to hell. If I didn’t know this was Stella McCartney, I would have thought Minnie was wearing J Crew. (Cele|bitchy)  

What kind of food can you make at home but you prefer to just order it in or have it when you’re dining out? Chicken wings is one of them for me. I f-cking love chicken wings. So much I’ll say it again: I f-cking love chicken wings. And I’ve made them… but I would rather order them. That’s it, I’m having chicken wings this weekend. Not cooking them myself, but if you want to try, this recipe seems good. (Eater)