Dear Gossips, 

Lewis Hamilton was at Paris Fashion Week this weekend, seated front row at Valentino next to Zendaya. They have many things in common, including Law Roach. As we have seen, the race track is often a runway for Lewis and he and Law have collaborated on some pretty amazing fits through the F1 season. 


Speaking of which… 

We are now less than two weeks away from the start of the 2022 F1 season and while the anticipation is always high, this season in particular is super-charged because of what happened at the final face of the 2021 season in Abu Dhabi when Max Verstappen controversially won over Lewis who then went silent for two months, resulting in all kinds of collective anxiety about the sport’s most high-profile driver. Because, of course, Lewis is more than just a driver – he’s become a cultural icon. 

As a consequence of the mess in Abu Dhabi, race director Michael Masi has been removed from his post and several rule changes, including how appeals are filed, have been imposed. Not that that will make the whole spectacle any less dramatic, especially off the track. And on that note… 


Season four of Drive to Survive premieres on Friday!


So that’s the primer – we binge Drive to Survive the week before the start of the new season in Bahrain. Until then, though, let’s go back to the fashion. Lewis and Zendaya were repping the two colours featured on the Valentino runway from Pierpaolo Piccioli’s latest collection. Every look was either pink, aggressively pink, or black and nothing else. 


Forty very loud pink designs were sent out first followed by a black break, which made the black pieces stand out even more, and the concluded with a return to pink and eight more showstoppers. I can’t wait to see who will be the first to attempt the pink sequined overalls (look #12). 

As for Lewis and Zendaya and what they may have been talking about besides fashion…

I mean, he’s not wrong but I’m pretty sure even Lewis would be powerless against Maddy. 

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