Dear Gossips, 

If there was any doubt about how much of a pop cultural impact Bennifer has been from back in the day and in their current form, whatever that may be… well… here’s what the Boston Red Sox did this week: 


Miss you, J-Lo ❤️ #redsox #neverforgetyou #jlo #fenway

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Just in case this doesn’t register, Ben Affleck is from Boston and he loves the Red Sox. The Red Sox and the NY Yankees are the biggest rivalry in Major League Baseball. And you know who JLo used to be engaged to until recently, just before Ben came back into her life. I mean, this is probably about sticking it to the Yankees and ARod more than it is about gossip but there is still some gossip significance because by the time Bennifer 1.0 ended all these years ago, they’d become kind of a joke… 

But now it’s 2021, and we have been through it, several years of darkness, and the things we used to mock are now the things we want to embrace. Everybody loves Bennifer! Really hope Ben Affleck knows this. 

As for what Ben and JLo are really up to, PEOPLE reported yesterday that she’s still in Miami and he’s in LA but that she is “still very excited about how things are going” between them. We all are, JLo. We all are. 

Yours in gossip,