Every curling headline over the last couple of weeks during the Olympics has made me laugh. Especially this one about Curling vs Scientology … sort of. But, seriously, the obsession with curling, or the obsession with tweeting about curling, has been amazing. Curling is on TV in Canada all winter. But there is something about Olympic curling that makes it extra… curling? I wanted to use the word “intense” here but I’m not sure that’s entirely accurate. This is what really sent me over the edge though: apparently curling is a scientific mystery!  (Dlisted and The New Yorker) 

Well this is why we can’t have nice things, I guess. Jennifer Lawrence’s bombshell Versace dress in London the other day made headlines. And now she’s pissed about the headlines. And now the conversation has been completely derailed. Which means that, once again, we’ve missed the point about clothes. That clothes and style are part of the work, especially when there’s a press tour happening. Again, on this press tour in particular, she plays the most lethal spy in the business – and this wardrobe so far is totally complementary of her character. Can’t we talk about that?! (Cele|bitchy) 

Millie Bobby Brown in a puffer-coat dress. And I love it. But you know what? Let’s give credit where credit is due here. Because 10 months ago, Solange went to the MET Gala in puffer coat. Last year’s theme honoured Rei Kawakubo. And, disappointingly, very few people actually got it. Solange, though, she always gets it. Which is why we named her Best Dressed at the MET 2017. I don’t think this Millie Bobby Brown fashion moment happens without Solange. Even though not enough people will appreciate it. (Go Fug Yourself) 
I don’t think anyone is ready to stop talking about Black Panther yet. Black Panther, of course, is part of the MCU. And with the success of Black Panther, some people are like, um, how can DC ever step to Marvel now?!? Nerd wars, you know? For some reason, on a week when Black Panther is the king of Hollywood, there are those off to the side who are trying to generate excitement for Aquaman. Not that we shouldn’t care about Aquaman, because Jason Momoa. But. It’s not just up to him. There’s not that much confidence in DC right now after Justice League. Anyway, supposedly early reaction to Aquaman has been really good? By the time it comes out, in December, we’ll have already seen, after Black Panther, another Avengers movie, and Deadpool 2, Ant-man and The Wasp, X-Men: Dark Phoenix, and Venom. Will Aquaman be the victim of mega-fatigue? (Looper)  

At first I thought this was Joaquin Phoenix. It’s not Joaquin Phoenix, it’s Casey Affleck. They used to be best friends. For years. And then I’m Still Here happened. Which is when some of the mess happened. Casey Affleck is an alleged sexual harasser because of what allegedly happened on that film. And then, a couple of years ago, Casey and Summer Phoenix, Joaquin’s sister, broke up. It seemed like Casey and Floriana Lima started dating shortly after. Is this why we don’t hear much anymore about Joaquin and Casey’s friendship? Or are they actually still tight? (TMZ) 

I LOVE a dark lip. So much. I know it feels weird, if you’re not used to a dark lip. But seriously, if you’ve never tried it, that initial …weirdness, or whatever, passes quickly. I’m telling you. It makes an outfit. You can wear what you wore last night, and throw on a dark lip, and it won’t matter, no one will remember the clothes. There are, however, tips to doing the dark lip though. Keep the eyes simple is one. Another one, that I live by, is to slightly overdraw the bottom. (Refinery 29)