Lainey’s on a shoot so you’re stuck with me for What Else. I wanted every story to be a link to a tweet proving that I’m right about “I’ll Never Love Again” but our site manager Emily wouldn’t let me do that because she’s on the wrong side of history too. - Kathleen

There are days when scrolling through Twitter is a soul-crushing exercise in not throwing my keyboard across the room. Yesterday, when every other tweet was about Megyn Kelly’s ignorant-ass blackface comments, was one of those days. Megyn has since offered a measly, self-serving, and full of insincere White Tears™ apology. She’s super sorry that in her 47 years of being a bigot, she thought blackface was OK until YESTERDAY. This isn’t the first time Megyn has showed us her racist ass and she’s still one of the highest paid hosts in television. Her apology got a f-cking standing ovation. Sounds about white. *throws keyboard* (Dlisted) 
If you need a palate cleanser from the blood-boiling story above, please look at Cynthia Erivo in a “delightfully wacky” outfit. I love it. I love the plaid, I love the sleeves and I love her hair. This outfit just brought my blood pressure back to normal. Thank you, Cynthia Erivo. (Go Fug Yourself) 

The artist in this story is the person I give as the answer to the question I get most about my day job: who was your worst celebrity encounter? She wins every single time. That’s a story for another day. Today’s we’re talking about Resting Bitch Voice. I agree that this sounds like a made-up thing by men to unnecessarily judge women’s voices but I’m also certain I have it, just like I have RBF. (Cele|bitchy) 

Since I revisited “…Baby One More Time” this morning, I put it on my to-do list to go down a late ‘90s Britney hole. Let’s start with this “never-before-seen” performance in Singapore in 1998. It’s baby Britney! I remember these moves so well. Enjoy. (OMG Blog) 

Every now and then I get an email about Meghan Markle’s hair. Some of you would like her to wear it “naturally” aka curly. Listen, Meghan can wear her hair any way she damn well pleases. And I do not have the emotional bandwidth to deal the uppity British ladies who would lose their sh-t if Meghan dared not to straighten her hair one day. Instead of worrying about the texture of Meghan’s hair, dive into this breakdown of all of Royal Meghan’s hairstyles on tour. (The Cut)

This made me cry laughing. I have never seen the original Hocus Pocus (I know, I know) but I would totally watch “Woke-us Pocus” with Billy Eichner and Tiffany Haddish. The woman at the end killed me. (The Hollywood Reporter)